by high bloom

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Nathan Monju
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Nathan Monju I can't begin to put into words how much I love this album. Protect me and seeing you will forever have space in my heart. Thank you. Favorite track: wallpaper.
Jordan Gertner
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Jordan Gertner I've always been a big fan of Caroline's voice and lyrics from her work as Infinity Crush, and her style goes really well the beautiful production on this album. This thing is perfect <3 Favorite track: clean.
Filip Zemčík
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Filip Zemčík the most beautiful bedroom album of fall 2015 Favorite track: wallpaper.
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hans + caroline.
thanks to angelica alzona for the album art.


released December 11, 2015



all rights reserved


high bloom Laurel, Maryland

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Track Name: protect me
I’m caught in this trap
where i want you back
i’m caught in this trap
where i drive too fast
to see you
it’s all you
it’s just you

I’m finding myself
like a real girl
in a paper world
and it’s all bad
no payback
its just like that

protect me
from silence
im mindless and lying
and under my bed
I’m writing
down secrets
that make me sick
caught up in my head
don’t you move
don’t you change
it feels good when it stays the same
Track Name: haloed
oh there you go just dropping your halo
and oh there i follow like i am your shadow
i lose myself in all the ways i want you
i’d come back here just to haunt you

once in a long dream
i found out what roses mean
they hurt cause they want to
they don’t love cause they don’t move
i wake up somewhere strange alone
and the tv’s on in someone else’s home

i see you in the snow
and you’re haloed with the blur
and I’m starting to get cold
and you’re taking off your clothes
the light it acts like dust
and it pools around us
i try to make a sound
but its just snow on the ground
Track Name: wallpaper
i hurt my voice trying not to say
what i think heaven is today
it is big and it is wide and it is full of pesticides
keeping us beautiful and soft and clean and pure
saying ‘you didn’t know, you were a little girl’
now the city glows
and bends around like halos
that grow and grow
and make our weight feel natural
i didn’t want love i just wanted a kiss
so i kiss and i kiss and feel myself exist
Track Name: seeing you
it feels like snow all around us
and I’m trying not to ground us
in the weight of this
on you

but i like when you need me
and i want you beneath me
under everything
it’s you

soft love like static
its automatic
when you move

slow love like dreaming
when everyones sleeping
but not you

what does it mean when i see you in the dream
with the bands of smoke in your hair
and all that i have i have put in your hands
for you to take and share
and I’m in love with light
that pools in your eyes
and shines everywhere
what does mean it mean when i wake up from the dream
and you are no where
Track Name: sweat
i grow from you suddenly like the flower from the seed
that can’t know what it needs
and drinks until its drowning

i want you suddenly like i don’t know what i need
and i love you til i can’t breathe
and light makes me dizzy

i’ll perform my rituals for this to last
through the distance you’ll come back
and our borders will collapse

i’ll hold my breath until I’m dizzy
and you surround me
and you’ve found me

i think about you and heaven
i dream that i get in
and have some time with you

some time where we can move
and spread our limbs
i feel it end
and i wake up in a sweat
Track Name: clean
what do you want
but to tell me i am not
what you see
when you dream
its fine with me
and all through the night
i am trying not to scream
and you’re looking straight at me
asking what i mean
when i say that I’m clean
and you that those friends are bad for me