implied sun

by high bloom

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all songs written and recorded by hans hoffman and caroline white. mastered by warren hildebrand.
special thanks to walker bankson, connie shen, chris robinson, brett green, mat cothran, delaney mills, alec simke, john toohey, derrick brandon, dan darrah, karl kuehn, and all our friends and family for the support and guidance. thanks for listening and being there.


released August 11, 2017



all rights reserved


high bloom Laurel, Maryland

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Track Name: ascend
it's so holy how you ascend
on me like ice in water baby
and gravity plays tricks on you
i want you here but you just move
away from me
the moon won't wait for me
is it loneliness if i think of you when i undress?

it's so holy how you just lie awake all night
and waste my time
you make it wrong, you make it right
you glow through me all night
the world stops, the darkness just grows like moss
it's not some violent end,
just me inside your bed
Track Name: laundry
light comes through the curtains
like a dream without the hurting.
every sunday, say you love me,
let it echo all around, i let my hair down
and like a river, it moves to you,
it’s always you, inside my room,
you take me to school,
you pull out the hair when it comes loose.

you drive through trees just to see me
and i fall asleep way too early,
you don’t get mad at me, you just turn down the tv.
there’s this commercial i know you like
with the young girl and her new wife:
they buy the car, they drive all night,
you close your eyes, you see our life.

i have this fantasy where i watch you do your laundry
every day, every week, every lifetime in me
i have this fantasy where i live with you so quietly
in the silence you undress
and it feels so good to me
Track Name: creep
you leave your door unlocked
it’s just like how i thought:
the tv’s on, the lights are off
i know my way, i don’t get lost
i move through space
so naturally
you evil thing
you holy saint

(just don't)

i pull myself upstairs
i know you won’t be there
i light fire just to see
and burn through everything in me
you’re such a creep
you don’t scare me
you are nothing
i burn your books
i burn your things
the smoke clears
and it’s just me
Track Name: sweet dream
i dream of you
like water moving through
my mind, and it's too bright
reflecting all the light, i try to close my eyes
and i dream of you
like snow falling through
the sky, so soft and bright
like tiny little planets
surrounding you

what does the heart do
with things that it hurts to
think of and dream of?
stays silent and loves you
what does the heart do
with things that it's lost to
the unfair and cruel world
like a sweet dream it wakes from?
Track Name: curse
it’s like a curse, i touch your hair
and it feels worse, i want you here
you’re like the blood i can’t pin down --
i pick you up, you run back down

i close my eyes and see your room
i imagine what it’s like with you
listening to the snow
a few decembers ago

i want it all to stay the same
i look at you and it’s all changed
it feels so dirty just to say your name
so i stay silent in my dreams
sometimes you’re there to speak for me
do you want me to hold you down?
or maybe you can
this time around
Track Name: to feel you
i loved too hard now i’m trying to get out
it tastes like pennies in my mouth
and all i do is think of you now

driving home and the road covers in snow
and on the radio
they love until it hurts
but still i drive

i feel you underwater
i feel you pull me harder
it's like floating
across your skin

she says ‘love will fade, but death will make it end’
and she dreams of you again
and wakes up in a sweat
and holds her breath
Track Name: backwards
you’re so soft when you whisper my name
i'm so holy when you play these games
i think i am going backwards
i am free like the darkness that spills
around me when I’m lying still
you’re a statue through your stone

im so stuck on you
that i can’t breathe and i can’t move
and it feels good just to
stay in place
and you say my name
like the rain falls down
you never cry or make a sound
all i want from you
is quiet words
and safety now

all the dirt that we walk over
all the hurt we scream over
will disappear like smoke
i am like lit matches in the night
it feels like some type of magic when you’re mine
i'm forgetting how to breathe

it’s always on my mind
the way you move
through the light
descend through wild hills
and i close my eyes
and you just drive
Track Name: halloween
reoccurring sounds and reoccurring shapes
they tell me what to do, they keep me in my place
‘don’t be too brave, just stay afraid
the world doesn’t love you, it revolves away from you'

i see you through the trees
standing there and watching me
like a statue haunting me
like a record on repeat
i have a little dream
where i meet you in between
where i am and where you are
i burn it down and you are gone

I’m throwing up, it’s halloween
you say you think you love me
and you’re sorry
for the things you’ve done to me and my body
you want the power
you want it all
you set me up
to watch me fall
i always do I’m such a fool
i blame myself when i want you

the parking lot, the sacred spot
you kiss me once then you are gone
the light’s like fire it burns my eyes
i think of you all night
they left you here, they love you still
the sun just sets, its had its fill
Track Name: planet
what does the earth want from me?
i don't know, let it rise above me
what do you want from me?
i don't know, and you just love me
like light, it's too bright
i do best with simple things:
a midnight drive to clear my mind
and you are always all i find

every day is like a curse:
you cast your spell and i can't tell
where the world ends and you start
Track Name: implied sun
in my fantasy it's fine
to call you up and waste your time
you tell me about the smaller things,
the way your room feels when it rains
my body just takes up space
and loves you from place to place,
i don't think about it much
it just exists for you to touch

the sun like an angel shining through,
the sun like a painting coating you
and every day, every hour, you would sit
and touch my hair
when we go in the shower
you will speak like i'm not there
and it gets dark, the water fills the room,
the sun melts and i swim to you,
you know i do,
you know i do

in my fantasy you're there,
we share a bed and you braid my hair
and i tell you about the smaller things,
the way the morning bird sings